Sailing Home

by Jean Pascal Monzies

Genre: Americana/Country


You spend your life anticipating. Waiting for the perfect tide.
Yesterday an old moon was waning, hiding behind the mountain side.

I want to sail on a boat that’ll set me free. Won’t be any dread for as far as I can see. And when I come back to land there will be no war between you and me. Nothing but love good times ahead, good times ahead. Yeah

I want to ride on a train to a distant land, to find some peace in this battered hear of mine. I pour another glass of wine with a friend day draws to an end. Though night time’s the right time to lay in my bed, still no rest in my head.

I want to fly on a plane and feel the sky, climb the top of a mountain and cry but when I come back to you feels so nice to be home. Don’t worry baby I’ll be back home soon. Back home soon.


Repeat last verse
Sailing home….

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