Share Your Life

by Gary Pryor

Genre: Americana/Country


Is it wrong what I’m feeling about you, been so long since I opened up my eyes.
Not sure if it’s wise.
Now I’m feeling I just want to let go, but something’s holding me back and telling me no.
Which way should I go? ~~Oo you’re looking lovely now
Girl I don’t really know you, But baby I’d like to learn so can we play the game
And take it real slow.
Well I don’t even know if you’re taken. All I know is right now you’re makin’ me high
Just being nearby.
Maybe it’s in the way that you’re dancin’ or the way that you’re looking at me tonight,
It’s sure feelin’ right. ~~ Move a little closer now
You know I’ve been down a long road and I’m tryin’ to make my way back now
And I could use a friend. Would you like to come along for the ride?

Do you wanna share your life? Do you wanna be with someone, baby?
Someone that you can rely on or maybe have a shoulder to cry on.
I think it will be alright and I promise you we’ll take it easy.
And maybe in a little time who knows?
Maybe love will be callin’ and maybe you and I will be fallin’.

Listen I ain’t lookin for no contract. I’m just lookin’ to make a memory or two,
Baby with you.
Maybe you and I could go walkin’, take a drive on the waterline it’s so free-
The feel of the sea ~~Hey anything can happen now.
I know that you’ve got your own world and I’m trying to rediscover mine
So if you wanna join in I’d be happy to be calling you friend.

Maybe we’ll fly away…
Maybe tomorrow…
Maybe we’ll fly away…

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