Genre: Singer-Songwriter


I heard she was calling me but turned out to be just a dream
When I woke up that morning I already knew her
Then I saw her at my favorite bar, is this fate?
I was wondering… I’m still wondering

First her eyes met mine
Then I looked down at my glass of scotch
calming down myself and took a drink and looked in her eyes
Had a small talk for a while
I wished I could’ve stopped the time
My heart stopped beating when I saw her smiled

Feeling so alone, like never before,
in my room on my own
As always I turn radio on, the same routine
But nothing feels the same as yesterday
No I just want to
see her smiles that healed my pain
hear her voice that melted my brain
The moment comes back to my mind like unrealistic memories
It feels like kind of weird
But I feel a kind of fear
I can’t live no more if she wouldn’t be next to me

I’ve met her just one time, it sounds loopy
But I bet this is one last chance to me
After I found her, I feel something filled the hole inside me
and it makes me sure I got last piece
But at the same time now I’m so scared
Would I really get a girl like her
If I was more handsome, if I had more money,
too many If are circling in my head as if they are making fun of me
I’m a little bit upset by them
I hear the voice she wouldn’t match me, no chance, my own voice
Nine glasses of whiskey don’t help, they let me down today
What the hell am I doing, am I just a complete jerk?
From now I quite stupid-thinking
I already know what I’ve got to do I should’ve known all along

Some say people live to love
If I understand it someday, it would be her I believe
’cause my heart told me
I’d do anything to get her
I’m nothing but I’ve made up my mind I’ll never give up like I’ve ever done
I’m going to see her
The only hope is she said she would come again that day
I’m going to see her
I have a hunch I’ll see her again in that bar that I met her

I believe in what my heart tells me…
I believe in my heart, I’m ready

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