She’s My Baby

by Tim Jaques

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


She’s long, lean and lithe
She got sparks in her eyes
A smile a mile wide
That could stop a landslide

Rhythm and blues
She sings like a muse
Give me any excuse
And I’m with my deuce

What can I say?
She’s my baby

She’s a queen
In tight fitting jeans
She reads Ayn Rand
And beauty magazines

Can I confess?
I am happiest
Talking politics
Watching my baby undress

What can I say?
She’s my baby

I didn’t dive right in
Lord knows I don’t even know
How to swim

If I should drown today
I’ll die with a smile
Plastered right to my face


She smells sweet like a breeze
Gardenias and tea
Salt of the sea
Lemons and honey

She’s got super-hero powers
In the midnight hour
She picks black-eyed daisies
In summer rain showers

What can I say?
She’s my baby

So I’m happily whipped
My wings are clipped
I frequently call in sick
Just to see my chick

Though I hate to presume
I just pulled my runes
We gonna wed in June
Up in Saskatoon

We’ll live on the prairie
Raise a daughter named Mary
But I’m ahead of myself
We’ve got a date at the carousel

What can I say?
She’s my baby

If love is sublime
Here’s the bottom line
You know it feels so fine
That it should be a crime

Even though I’m a fool
Love is for the truth
I wish love
Upon each of you

I wish love
Upon each of you

I wish love
Upon each of you

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