She’s the one

by Jason Kane White

Genre: Country


She just wore another hole in her shoes, pacing the floor over you
She just wants to mend that hole in your heart and all you do is give her the blues
She’s been trying to break herself away, she needs to find somebody new
She knows she would be a fool if she stays, she knows you’ll never be true

She’s waiting on a phone call so she’ll know where you are
Looking out her window hopes to see the headlights of your car

She’s the one that waiting, while you stay out all night
She’s the one that loves you, when you gonna treat her right
She’s the one crying, on your pillow all alone
She’s the one that really cares, why don’t you just go home

She’s been staring at the stars in the sky, watching the night go by
While you sit at the same old bar, trying to make old memories die
She been trying to heal your old wounds but your scars will never fade
You keep digging yourself in a hole, you give her no reason to stay

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