Shiver Into Spark

by Otter Creek (Peter Danzig)

Genre: Folk


Shiver Into Spark
Lyrics and Music by Peter Danzig

I’ve been walking many roads
Trying to find myself
I don’t know just how I lost me,
Hope that someone else can tell.
Yes it’s hard
To hear the whisper
Somewhere in the dark
Calling me to let that ember
Shiver into spark.

What’s the meaning, where’s the payback
What do we have to gain?
Why shouldn’t we just lay back
See if we can escape the pain?
Yes it’s hard
To hear the whisper
Somewhere close at hand
Calling us to let our fire
Burst upon the land.

This neediness to know
Is killing us inside,
Until we let it go,
We’ll never realize…

Life is breathing, breathe it deeply
Don’t question it, don’t doubt
Let the questions you can’t answer
Be a joyful shout.
Let it go, drop the burden
Join the cosmic dance.
You don’t need any reason
To seize upon a chance.

Life is breathing breathe it deeply
The universe will show
Answers flutter all around you
Everywhere you go.
Yes it’s hard
This letting go but
Every time you start
You can feel the light around you
Shiver into spark.

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