Silly Love Songs

by Sarah Brown, Terence Burke

Genre: Pop


I’m Happy
It’s a silly thing to say
Just how you got me feeling this way
The words ain’t easy, believe me

I’ve been writing till the early light
To try to get these verses right
and how to show you
Boy I’ve got to know you

Just a little bit better
Just a taste of forever
How can I put it better

I was singing silly love songs
Waiting for the right one
That I could sing to you
I was singing silly love songs
Hoping you could sing along
Cause babe I’m missing u
I could wait my whole life through
To sing them all to you

I’m waiting
And California’s half a world away
I’ve been counting down each night and day
Till you’re back in them, boy it’s love re-written

They say the waiting is the hardest part
But these miles can make or break a heart
So I keep singing thinking you might hear them

Maybe over the airwaves
Or across the freeways
Wherever the words will take me

What can I sing that’s unlike before
To show you’re the one I’ve been waiting for
How can I say I love you more!?


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