Sleepless Eyes

by Justin McMillan

Genre: Pop


Verse 1

Sit there and watch me as I sing to you,
We’ll watch the day go by,
And then we’ll say goodbye.

I’ll wait in silence ’till your eyes go blue,
You said you’d never cry,
La la la, my oh my.


Sleepless eyes don’t weep,
But you and I still sleep.
Stay for a while, and you’ll see,
Sleepless ah-ah-ah-ah ah-eyes don’t weep.

Verse 2

I’ll write a book of all the things you say,
You’d smile anyway,
We know no other way.

I used to think there was too much to see,
You think my green eyes grew,
La la la, yes you do.


[Instrumental Break]


Do do do do do do, do do do do do do do do.
Do do, do, do.

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