Smoke & Magic

by Teryn Tsang

Genre: Pop


You, you dazzle all of them with love
It’s nothing short of pure amazement
You leave them in a cloud of sparkle and haze
They, they just can never get enough

They all feel the smoke and magic
There’s nothing else quite so fantastic
You say to have and to hold, it’s filled with glitter and gold
Your love is smoke and magic

In the end, they will always see the light
They learn to see past the illusion
For all the glamour and glitz, they choose what’s true
You can’t seem to every win that fight

They all feel the smoke and magic
And you have them all enchanted
But when they’re free from your hold, they’ll see the glitter and gold
You are just smoke and magic

You, you try to hold on to the lies
Cause it’s too hard without the magic
So much to feel and lose if you don’t have your tricks
You’re nothing without your disguise

All you are is smoke and magic
Is there nothing quite so tragic?
Cause there’s your glitter and gold, but there is no one to hold
You are just smoke and magic

You feel the pain of disguise
There’s so much to despise
But can you give up the lies?

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