So Loving You

by Peter Walker

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


How great to see you again,
s’been the longest time
we’ve so much catching up to do.
I’m no sweet-talking guy
but I’ll do what I can
to try’n explain exactly why
your elfin smile and brown come-hither eyes
seem to say it all.
Because you’re still god-dam beautiful
excuse me for SO LOVING YOU.

I wanted to tell you how your moving out
left a hole in my life I can’t fill.
Let’s not let the past come between us,
‘cos I loved you then and forever will.
Have you heard: I’m hanging less with friends,
no more bar room brawls,
ain’t downed a beer since can’t remember when.
Been plagued by imperfections
from the day that I was born
but those won’t stop me from SO LOVING YOU.

Lonely days
followed by lonelier nights
makes you wonder why lovers
mess up such a lot.
They let time waste away,
watch their lives fall apart,
believe love affairs are over
then find out they’re not.

Invited you here so we could talk about
the good times and the bad, we had.
But those flutt’ring eyelashes
are sending out signals
that tonight is going to be all right.
My head’s spinning so much
please lay both hands in mine,
sure miss’d your softly sensual touch.
I feel you trembling,
and your cheeks are blushing pink.
It’s not surprising my pulse rate’s rising.
Can’t help, can’t help SO LOVING YOU.

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