Something’s Missing

by Pennan Brae

Genre: Pop


Walkin’ lonely street tonight
Women holding their men tight
Hand’s empty holding nothin’ but air
Heart is too nobody there

Headin’ up over my tinsel town
Catch the main drag of ups and downs
On that road much too long
Not sure of right from wrong

Sun dies at night seasons change
Last leaf falls with my tear in the rain

No I don’t know who she is
And I don’t know where she lives
Until I find her
Something’s missing

And ‘til I find that certain miss
‘til I taste her fateful kiss
Let me tell you man
Something’s missing

This morn felt the ocean’s power
Lifts your soul in the wee wee hours
Wave breaks left on the ground
Get up shake it off be strong

This eve caught the flash of a star
Thousand light years my hopes afar
Supernova wipes it all away
Stay true never lose faith

Believe in a better tomorrow
Though we have tasted much sorrow

‘Cause I don’t know who you are
No I don’t know where you are tonight
As the moon hangs high in the sky
So does my heart I’ll meet you here tonight

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