Southbound Train

by Joseph King

Genre: Folk


What you call truth is just another way to lie,
What you call love is just a lonely compromise,
Stepping over answers as you search for the door,
I bet they didn’t tell you you don’t live here anymore,
You’re making promises that you never meant to keep
Yeah they say to sow but they won’t tell you when to reap,
So I’m sitting on the back of a Southbound Train

Your crystal ball only shows what remains
Your sweet addiction only takes the edge off the pain
We’re gonna take a journey that you know has no end
Yeah, we’re gonna die but they won’t say when
I’d like to see you if you don’t mind
I’d come right over but you don’t seem to have the time
So I’m sitting on the back of a Southbound Train

What good is faith if you must deny your belief?
What good is trust when it belongs to a theif?
You forced my hand and now you’re left with none to hold
My seat is empty and the fire is growing cold
Rose colored reality leads to a violent end
You say you love me but you just won’t be my friend
So I’m sitting on the back of a Southbound Train.

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