Sparkle Plenty Day

by Steve Wacker

Genre: Country


Lately I feel halfway gone before I arrive
Neither here nor there but somewhere in between
The sun comes up and it’s hup-two-three from 9 to 5
Doin’ jumpin’ jacks on the workday trampoline
Earn the daily bread to pay the daily dues
Get the everybody’s talkin’ at me cell phone blues
While winter springs and summer turns to fall
Down the alley and up the creek
Bumper to bumper and cheek to cheek
Keep on keepin’ on—trying not to stall

There’s bells and whistles and April fools
St. Paul’s epistles and the family jewels
No one thing’s too important although everything’s in play
Startin’ to feel like I might sneeze
From the cats and dogs and the birds and bees
But everything’s gonna be alright – it’s a sparkle plenty day

A homemade meal is twice as good as a TV dinner
And rice is nice but candy’s twice as quick
Say hello and join the crowd – you’re a winner
And if you clean your plate then you get to take your pick
There’s a busted bicycle on the porch
We run the race and pass the torch
Laugh as if we always get the joke
And if we have to cop a plea
It’s a two-step dance ’round the third degree
Feel the heat but we never see the smoke

Repeat CHORUS:

Double-spaced and poker-faced we dance in the parade
If you can smile and keep your shirt on you have got it made

Repeat CHORUS:

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