Stars Will Be Our Home

by Steve Kahn

Genre: Folk


Stars Will Be Our Home

Head bowed, hands folded in prayer
Old porch swing, evening air
I thank my lucky stars up there
For all that’s come my way
I’ve been high and I’ve been low
Once I played it all for show
Knew it all so long ago
Lost my way back home.

Ain’t no heaven; ain’t no hell
No borderlines that I can tell
But if you listen well,
You’ll hear the harmony
All born out of cosmic dust
It’s only love that we can trust
And when it all turns to rust
Stars will be our home

Slammin of the wood screen door
Boots echo on the worn oak floor
Where our families walked before
They thrived here all these years
Lie beside you at the close of day
Fireflies light our way
Come the dawin of a new day,
We’ll tend our earthly home.

Chorus (x2)

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