Steps in the Sand

by Derek Aramburu

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


You are a gulf coast wind,
Blowin’ west across the Colorado River.
You’ll make “San Antone” by days end,
A warm nightfall breeze you’re to deliver.

I’ll follow you today, I’ll find your steps in the sand-
I’ll remember you, your my long lost friend-
You’re so far away, I know your far away
But you’ll come back to me once again.

You are the daybreak sun,
Rising high on the eastern Texas borderline,
You’ll light Laredo before the day is done,
You’ll be back to light my way for another time.


I know your hard to believe in
After all these years
I’m here waiting my friend, and I’m drowning in-
These tears.

You are my peace of mind,
Bringing back the calm that sometimes just don’t seem to last.
And when you slip away I’m never far behind,
Call on me when the nightfall just won’t come to pass.

Chorus, End

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