Stoned O’Clock In The Morning

by James Brentar

Genre: Rock


I can’t seem to sleep, though sleep might do me good
wandering through places in the neighborhood
and I can’t see the stars through cloudy skies
the birds are loud but I can’t hear their cries

The sky is wet, the street is dry
the bees are buzzed, and so am I
what time is it?
it’s stoned o’clock in the morning

bombard my ears with silence as I stare into the clouds
traveling inside myself, I turn around
staring at the world through rose-colored eyes
and on the wings of time the great bird flies

the world turns; I don’t know why
the birds fly high, and so do I
and time stands still
at stoned o’clock in the morning

the radiator moans its lonely song
feel me, help me, heal me, make me warm
and soaring overhead I ramble on
while deep down in my bones I feel a storm

not sure if I’m moving or if I’m standing still
don’t want to miss the sunrise but I know I will
looking for a path that leads me to the right
breathing deep and waiting for the light

from flowing streams to smoke-filled dreams
the darkest hour in between
may yet come
at stoned o’clock in the morning

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