Straight from her eye

by Eric Vanier

Genre: Rock


Straight from her eye, she shot me down. I didn’t cry, I just walked it off.
And on the way I fell into a hole, it was a trap I couldn’t move at all.
Even if I could I’d have nowhere to go. Cause I’ve lost the only friend I’ve ever known.

When I was young, they shot me down. I didn’t run I just laughed it off.
So many times I felt I was alone. I laughed so hard I cried please take me home. And I know one day my luck will come around. I’m laughing but I can’t stop feeling down.

I can lie so well it hurts me so much but I won’t try to sell what I won’t give up. I’ll be fine…. Cause I’ll be tired of getting higher when I’m older now.

I awake to find myself inside this little hiding place I call a mind.
It gets so crowded here I best go disappear and find a face that could be mine.

I watch the cars go by, and I want a simple life… with a simple wife.

Pick your brain, go insane until its too late.

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