Street Talk

by Paul Hanna

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


Street Talk

when you stay walking down the street do you recognize the people that you meet do you say hello and wave goodbye.
the postman’s making her run, the barber shops chopping away, the candy store and the fruit stands are a busy busy.
there goes little john a little wizy dizzy, his friends bet him to spin around a fifty sixty times, and now he can’t walk.
on your way home you see anti lu and anti zu, talking story at the ninth street park, politics, gossip and the sales at the local market…
a dog jumps out bark bark there he goes lily let him out and no one knows what he’s up to who he’ll chase , or when he’ll return
the ice cream mans tune starts to appear while the grown men hang talking over a beer all you hear all the children’s yells and their cheers..

when the news hit town about good old Billy everyone was down everyone was around, to hear the story of what he was doing, overseas.
his wife his daughter knelt down to pray and to the good good lord they wish he saved just for one more chance to see their Billy again…
the flags were flown halfway up the pole visitors could see that they lost a soul; people talked of Billy and his great past,
this father friend son and husband was loved so much by his friends and kin then one day, come what may the angels took him away…
do you know, do you know what you doing, do you know, do you know, what you’re doing; we don’t know what were…

the powers are thinking to start sending more, they keep on adding time to this war, don’t they know to put a fire out, you don’t add more.
many families like Billys, are going through troubles and miseries, just imagine if you were the one, to lose yours,
let’s just hope that the time is near, where we will all stop living in fear, can’t you see, let them be, let them free..

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