Sugar Daddy Sam

by David Schlotterback

Genre: Rock


We’re breaking down the barriers, see?
By rattling of a few rounds of peace
Irony in our irenic attitude is quite expected

We’re bringing people closer together
Bearing breeds of tired and tethered
The sky looks iridescently like psychedelic Carnaby

Raise your bombs so I can see them
Swing them back and forth, side by side, now
Allow us to commence the overture while napalm fills up the sky, now
I’m the king pimp in these streets
Trade me up some bomb for teat
The color of your skin don’t mean sheet
Just so long as you call me daddy!

Fueled by manifest destiny
Flying flags of drive-thru supremacy
Monopoly rules: hotel me, bankrupt you

Bombing just feels so right

Who’s got the biggest gun in their pants?
And willing to kill an innocent man?
Who’s got the biggest gun in their pants?
And willing to go a few rounds for some cash?

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