Summer rain

by Hank Hagedoorn

Genre: Pop


Summer Rain
It was so nice, just looking at the cloudy sky
And as always those hazel eyes made me feel like a bird in flight
And even after fifteen years I still get butterflies
Oh the anticipation of getting out and spending some time with my beautiful wife

We didn’t have much or a worry on our minds
So down to the dance hall holding hands
With just enough time to make it a night

(Chorus 1)
Oh, I held you close
Nose to nose
Feeling like kids all over again
We felt the thunder and the warmth outside
So out to the parking lot
Dancin in the Summer Rain

We were soakin wet, and we just couldn’t care less
Just owning time alone for a while bringing us back to the time we met at the party
Where your sister Jackie told me you’d like to dance
I was a little shy but those butterflies helped me take you by the hand

Over to the crowded dance floor we seemed to glide and hush
But those same hazel eyes lifted me and we went outside so that we could touch

(Chorus 2)
Oh, I held you close
Nose to nose
Listening to the thunder, feeling the same
We had the night , it was warm outside
So out to the front lawn
Dancin in the Summer Rain

Every year that passes
Every Minute
Just wouldn’t be the same without those smiling hazel eyes in it.
(Chorus 2) x2 and out copyright 2008

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