by Dave McGann

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


You’re my summer sun.
You’re the light of day when we were one.
You went away,
Where you are, don’t know, you didn’t say.

Don’t know where you are,
‘till I know the door is left ajar.
Now you’ve gone away,
I think of you a hundred times a day.
I think of all our loving yesterday.


Tell me where my summers gone,
I’d really like to see.
All I see is rain beyond
Nothing left for me
Nothing left for me
Nothing left for me.

How did we go wrong?
If I knew, I’d write it in a song.
You ran away
Tomorrow is just another day

Don’t want life in the rain,
I just want my summer back again.
Back to me,
Summer, can you come back to me.
Winter’s not the place I want to be.


Nothing left for me. Nothing left for me. – (etc)

Dave McGann © 10th June 2015

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