by Tyrone Jones

Genre: Pop



Everyday at SunRize your nosey neighbors catch me leaving out your door

I turned up the collar on my coat hoping to avoid , but the same old neighbors still stop and stare

Wow it’s been a year now, I gotten so I really don’t care, cause all I see around them is the color green

I don’t wanna’ make a scene so I give them a wink and a smile just to be mean, just to be mean

Chorus: SunRize is such a beautiful sight

just like like the eyes of the woman I made love to last night

Her morning smile gives her such a glow, When she laying in my arms I don’t Wanna’ go

SunRize will catch me again I know, but I cant wait till the next Sunrize

I try not to let the morning sun catch me leaving out your door, but when your laying in my arms all I seemed to want is more

Time slips away to a brand new day will I see you tonight you always seem to say,

but it’s now the weekend I packed a suitcase I will be leaving work without haste

so slip on that sexy red lace that always puts a smile on my face


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