by Benjamin Hyatt

Genre: Pop


Well it’s that time again
Let’s call up a bunch of friends
We’ll start fire so big that
No one will know when the night should end
Let’s play some games
Put on some songs
That we used to play
Invite the neighbors in
Set up the cups ond we’ll begin

Let the sun, let it melt away the cold of night it fades to gray!
Open up the shades and let the sunshine shine right through!

Verse 2:
We’re all outside again
Watching our home teams win (KC)
A feeling’s in the air; these times are rare
Tell your brother and your sisters and all your friends
And man some times have changed
Let’s bring back the day
Turn on the light
Time to make it right
Realize we’re all made the same!

And let the sunshine shine over you
Let it melt the blues away!
Just turn that frown, turn it upside down

Cause I’m sending you love, yeah I’m sending you love, love my love. I’m just sending you love love my love, I’m just sending you love.

Chorus repeat to end

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