Take Me Away

by Kristin Errett

Genre: Pop


Take Me Away Kristin Errett Verse 1 The sun peaks in my window Another night I must let go of Let me be while the light is getting stronger Just let me dream a little longer Another morning to greet Can’t my heart just beat To the drum of a faraway tribe Where all I’ve got to be is alive Time won’t spare me Free is just what you dare to be When love is on your side You hope to say you tried To be where you want to be Chorus And I know the earth moves fast I pick the pieces up and one at last Is more than the rest With a simple request To take me away Take me away Verse 2 Give me my piano Like my baby I’m hollow Until the music fills me inside And there’s nowhere for my heart to hide This is real This place I feel Let’s raise the anchor, loosen the strings I want to fly away to better things I can’t find what to say Words will only stand in my way Because I believe in time There’s nothing I can’t find Beneath the outer shell of dreams Repeat Chorus Bridge Take me away To a brighter day Feel my heart in sync I don’t have to think Love will never let me down Because when love is on your side You hope to say you tried To be where you want to be Repeat Chorus

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