Talking to the Stars

by William Beach

Genre: Country


Talking to The Stars

I don’t stare at a total eclipse
And I don’t care about political tricks
I don’t play in a busy street,
Ain’t no dismay if my tea’s not sweet

We’ve got lives beyond these borders
There’s still sounds that ain’t been heard
Take your head right off your shoulders
Free your mind from what’s occurred

There are endless streams of chances
They defend us our advances
Always more than they appear
We think for sure, they disappear

But there always right before us
You can’t see the place you stand
Put your feet right into motion
Living life to beat the band

Just one thing I know is true
The next sunrise belongs to you
The past ain’t long enough to matter
Like ashes for the wind to scatter

Forward forward, never straight
Upward onward, can’t hesitate
Leaving the tracks
To follow the sun

Sitting on the stoop
Watching all the cars
Hearing all the scoop
While talking to the stars

I know pretty soon
I’m headed for one.

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