Tell Me

by Martha Sterling-Golden

Genre: Folk


TELL ME©2012 Martha Sterling-Golden

I tried, and you tried too
Didn’t work, and we both felt like fools
Tell me, baby, how many dreams did we waste?
I couldn’t have it all, and I couldn’t settle for just a taste

I lied, and you lied too
Do you remember how badly we wanted those lies to be the truth
Tell me, baby, how many times were we fakin’ it?
Love pretending on our faces, and our hearts just barely awake

I cried, and you cried some too
We cried whole rivers with no safe shore to swim to
Tell me, baby, did you count each tear as it fell? Oh and how they fell
Well you know that I did, I counted each one as it fell in to my wishing well


I cried, and you cried your share too
I had to make you see that it wasn’t any good
Tell me baby, where do I find the right kind of words to say
It’s all over now, and you’re gonna be happier this way

Tell me baby, I have got to know
Tell me baby, before I pack it in and take it home
Tell me tell me tell me you’re gonna be happy some day

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