Tethered Wings

by Peter Danzig

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


Tethered Wings

I had a dream I was an angel with feathered wings
And hands that could heal the world’s suffering
But I was afraid to fly so I just hung around
Trapped in my apartment, feet firmly on the ground.

And from my window I saw people on the street,
I knew each one of them even though we didn’t meet
Their figures in the evening were like visions in my mind
And each one told a story of dreams they’d left behind

If I gather all the dreams of the children
And let them carry me high
I could take all the raindrops in these tears of mine
And make a rainbow for all of us who cry
Place a rainbow as a promise in the sky.

I met a man who was suffering, he couldn’t sleep.
He’d offered up his mind and soul for a vapid tweak,
His eyes were empty with no tears left to fall
He stood alone muttering outside the old town hall.

I met a girl who begged for food at the center of the town
Her mother had disfigured her and carried her around
She was just a ticket to a better chance at life
The violence was practical even though it wasn’t right.


Is it any wonder that some say we’ll end in fire
When so often there’s no choice but to kill or to die?
Children dream but there’s no chance that things will turn out right
Their shattered dreams lie scattered in the darkness of the night.


But the children are still dreaming even when there is no hope.
And maybe that’s the meaning behind Noah’s boat:
To hope against hope and make it float.

God destroyed the world the first time with a flood,
And it seems we’ll do the same but this time with blood
If I had the world to run I’d ask us all to cry
And hope that all the tears we shed could be a rainbow in the sky.

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