That’s my boy

by Andrew Kreider

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


Mary, Mary
Won’t be long
Skies are filled with
Angel song
Calling out the marvel
Of this night
See the gifts
And hear the lore
From the strangers
At your door
Treasure all these wonders
In your heart

That’s my boy

Mary, Mary
Lost your son
Somewhere in this
Pilgrim run
Left him in the city
Running free
Three days later
No remorse
This is where I was
Of course
Don’t you know it’s
Where I’ve got to be?

That’s my boy

Mary, Mary
Don’t you know
This is how my family grows
Heaven’s kin is made
Of bread and wine
Don’t hold on
Don’t pull us back
God will give the things we lack
A hundredfold
Is ready on the vine.

That’s my boy

Every loving mother
Holds her child to her breast
And promises to care and be true
Then steels her heart against the day
That precious life is swept away
There’s no escaping from the voice that tells you
That a sword will pierce your own soul too.

Mary, Mary
How you cry
I see him broken in your eye…
His arms open wide
This is how he showed his way
He overcame the world today
In his glory
Lifted high.

But that’s my boy

Mary, Mary
Who am I
To tell you not to cry?

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