The Ballad of Jack Taylor

by Norm Sherman

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


Gather round ye lads and lasses and listen to me tale
Remember the days when men rode waves to hunt down a mother whale
Those ocean waves sent men to graves and made widows weep and wail
All for the glory of a good drinking story and the cheese of a humpback whale

Young Jack Taylor was a mighty fine sailor and he knew how to handle a teat
He had whiskey for blood, like every sailing man should; he was the best milkman in the fleet
They were out three days when he heard her break the waves with a crash from her thundering tail
Off the starboard bow there was a humpback cow- get the milkmen ready to sail

Get the milkmen ready
Get the milkmen ready
Get the milkmen ready
To sail…
To sail…

She was a demon whale from the pits of hell, she blew fire from the top of her head
She was a meaner baleen than they had ever seen in any nightmare they had in bed
But young Jack Taylor was a mighty brave sailor and he stood as he clenched his fists
“Even the devil’s got nipples so get up you cripples and let’s milk this son of a bitch”

There was hate in her eyes as they tossed their lines, to hold her steady and true
But she rolled to the side, brought her tail up high and then slammed it back down on the crew
But young Jack Taylor was a mighty quick sailor and he dove as she shattered his boat
He climbed up her side and then he held on tight and buoyed her down with a rope

It took 10 brave men just to tie those utters
While the crew tried to wrestle the beast
The runners tossed ropes and buoys and nets
While the greasers oiled up the teats
The milkers lined up on the belly of the whale
At the captains orders they squeezed
While the nipple-master scaled that mountain of tit
And filled his barrels
To make whale cheese

Well that’s the tale of that humpback whale and young Jack Taylor too
Heard people say that he’s alive today and the captain of his own cheese crew
I’ve also heard if you listen good and you believe this old drinkin’ tale
Between the sounds of the waves you can hear him say…

Get the milkmen ready
Get the milkmen ready
Get the milkmen ready
To sail…
To sail…

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