The Best I’ve Sung

by Darren Scott

Genre: Country


do you see, they’re mighty good flowers
you should breathe, you’ve been crying for hours
surely we’ve talked enough for now

wake up and i’m so alone and cold
make a call you’re on the phone i’m told
i pick up a six string and sing

took me a long long time to see it all
i was a wrong wrong guy i do recall
but maybe just one strong song i know it’s late
and you’re probably long gone on the interstate
and this ain’t the best i’ve sung

hit the wall sinking in the bed low
in the hall thinking how the end goes
couldn’t hurt no more to say again
once more i’m singing to the robot
head’s sore and ringing yeah but so what?
i’ll take heartache for granted now

but if you’re there and you hear this
we had a number one i swear or a near miss
now i’m praying for a note over the line

please tell me our song’s not gone and it’s not too late
just take a right turn off the interstate
and turn around… turn around…

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