The Colours of Me

by Nonie Thompson

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


The Colours of Me

Colours of yellow, colours of blue
help to remind me of all my dreams come true
Colours or orange, red and green
Help to remind me of the wonders I’ve seen

this rainbow of colours the colours of me
I didn’t see it coming but I fell to my knees
I cried out to the Lord ‘I’m begging you please
take away my fear – take away my pain
that I might see my loved ones again’

I didn’t see my mother – I didn’t see my dad
I looked for my brother – all the loved one I had
that went on before me but I could see no light
so I reached inside of me for the strength to fight


Thank you for your mercy
thank you for your care
thank you for all you love and all your prayers
I know it’s the reason – I know it is true
for I’ll seasons again with you


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