The Day America Cried

by George Wong

Genre: Pop


You say
If I ruled the world
What would it change
What would it take to make them see
See all the good
What’s good inside
All, All I can say don’t mean a thing
If their hearts are in the dark
Nothing will change
Nothing besides
Words won’t bring her back
But what did she die for?

Please tell me why
Did Heather die
She stood for something good
Good to me
She killed a lie
When they took away her life
But we were filled with pride
The day……. America cried

We were
All mortified
When ‘so’ Leader stood
So Leader
Stood proudly aside
Letting hate spit, split and divide
Hate nurturing hate
Nurturing all,
All that would believe That they
They were the ones on the right side
But the people know
Love triumphs hate

It’s a new day
And we ain’t gonna cry
No More, No more

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