The Dinosaur Song

by Ryan Patrick McLaughlin

Genre: Pop


This is a dinosaur song. They had their day in the sun.
I?m kind of sad that they?re gone. I wrote a dinosaur song.
This one is for you, Greyson. I hope you think that it?s fun,
And hear your favorite ones. This is your dinosaur song.

Verse 1:
Deinonychus and Mononykus, Stegosaurus. He won?t bite us,
He is an herbivore, so he thinks that?s what herbs are for.
But carnos like Nundasuchus will eat you for the fun of it.
There?s an Allosaurus! Don?t ignore it, better run for it.
Maiasaura, Pisanosaurus, Oviraptor, Kritosaurus
This rap ain?t got no bull, except when I say Carnotaurus
Name some more: Edmontosaurus; duck-billed and herbivorous
Warring with Albertosaurus, stirring like a herd of tourists
Longest dino name is Micropachycephalosaurus
Shortest one is Yi. We let google settle that for us
in this song. I like the Quipalong, but Maryland likes Astrodon.
He?s faster than a slower one but slower than a Troodon.
I bet you didn?t know the first tyrannosaur was Guanlong.
Onto Paranthadon and emperors like Dilong.
Ouranosaurus, Ostafrikasaurus?syllables are more than
Barasaurus. Sarahsaurus. There?s the rap and here?s the chorus:

Verse 2:
Fruitadens, Falcarius, are probably wary of
Theropods like Arizonasaurus, Mr. Rex, Tyrannosaurus
Baryonix, Gorgosaurus, Avimimus in the forest.
Look at those big ears. Wait, that?s just a mad Dilophosaurus.
Anchisaurus: Sauropod. Apatosaurus: long head nod.
Brontomerus, Irritator, Stegoceras in the late
Cretaceous, being chased by a Velociraptor who is after
quite a meal. He?ll pack attack a dinosaur to kill.
Massospondylus will run from us. Eustreptospondylus
is fond of us. This song isn?t too long. Iguanadon!
Modern birds are modern dinosaurs, says science, mister wizard.
The name Psittacosaurus even translates into ?parrot lizard.?
Mind the feet, look at the claws of that evolving dino-parrot.
Stare at the parrot, compare it to Archaeopteryx.
Wuerhosaurus, we adore it, Sochomimus, Hadrosaurus
For pack hunter Coelophysis. If there?s one, there?s always four or more.

Verse 3:
I wonder how fast I can say it: Gallimimus, Compsognathus
Dino thoughts are an oasis: Eve is there: ?Eodromaeus?
Giant dinos shouldn?t frighten. Gentle like Patagotitan.
Tiny ones can pack some fight in. Raptorex is hacking, biting.
Microraptor?s pretty small, but he?ll attack a swimming wall of
Fish. I guess that?s pretty vicious. Some fish are quite delicious.
Yulong and Saltasaurus. Chimeras like Ultrasaurus.
Not all dinos. More like tortoise, water lizard Mosasaurus.
Cast the Di- and watch them flop, name change to Nedoceratops.
There?s a group of Aquilops right next to some ornithopods
Mongolia is cool because the Haya is a horsey God
Spinosaurus swims a lot. There goes judge Judiceratops.
I got good and sad. They said that Jurassic park couldn?t happen.
But I still imagine dinos attacking, Gigantoraptors.
Keep the faith. Maybe someday dinos will rise up from the grave.
What does Ian Malcolm say? ?Life? uh? finds a way.?

Quetzalcoatlus is tall! I could watch while he
sat on the top of a rock. An innocuous god, he could
pop a giraffe in the socket. But
he skimmed the water for fish that were flopping.
I rap like the rabbit. No raptor can stop me when
I drop the beat with the hippity hoppity.
Flowing with speed like Dromiceiomimus, we
Rap it so fast that you?ll reach for the Dramamime
Iloklesia?s name is so easy to rhyme
Pass the wine to the dino named Drinker? I?m
thinking the roundworm should be Ingenia. I?m reading a
thing about Minmi. You see that I?m
high when I?m riding a Sauroposeidon.
I fly through the sky on a pterosaur gliding.
I?m quick when I?m riding Ornitheomimus.
Unlike Deinocheirus, my rhyming is climbing.

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