the dynamiter

by leo crandall

Genre: Americana/Country


The Dynamiter

It wasn’t really blue,
Out on the Vienna
You led me to the edge
Of the lower Susquehanna
We floated golden hope
Beyond where we could see
It left a nothing, sweet and clean,
Nothing felt so good
Inside you and me

Like a London dynamiter
I did all I could do
To blow up the guitar shops
That made me think of you
I couldn’t ask for better:
In all that wreckage I was saved
From the gut and flat wound music
Inside me and you
Never would get played

Let the vassals find some peace
Let the cannibals be still
If God could just stop scrambling, once again
Let the night do what it will
All the nothing that I did
The nothing we went through
Seems like such a waste
Of precious time
Except it was with you.

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