The Evidence

by Eric Lane

Genre: Folk


Title: The Evidence
Written and composed by Eric Lane

There was a fire that was burnin, burnin bright
But the ashes that are left they shed no light
And I see the world in front me
And the sunken eyes of a lover’s grief

But it won’t
Won’t turn for me
And she won’t
She won’t turn to me

And it seems to be a struggle anymore
She is looking back just praying she will fall
And she sees the world in front of her
And the emptiness that has occurred

But she won’t
Wont’ turn for me
And she can’t love,
What she won’t see

And the answers they are left behind my eyes
And to seek them out means that I may not rise
And the Evidence I cannot be
And this may be the end of me

As the world turns
It turns on me
And she walks
She walks away from me

And It seems to me we have done this all before
We are discontent expecting to be more
And your enemies have fallen
But you’ll have no one to love
To be stuck on
The apologies
Will she even
Still remember me

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