The Fairy Tale Song

by DeDe Wedekind & Joey Leone

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


Fairly Tale Song

Mary, Mary quite contrary
how did your garden grow
was it quick and fast, was it steady and slow
Little Jack so nimble and quick
why’d you go and burn your toe
How jumped that candlestick I guess we’ll never know

there is a story being written every day
so follow your heart and play the part that you can play

Life is a tapestry of
fun and the tragedy the
good and bad all mixed together
there’s gonna be a hill to climb
a twinkle star that never shines
but don’t let it stop you come whatever
cuz no one else can really do what you were made to do
live your dreams and make the fairy tale come true
for you, for you

humpty dumpty on that wall
did you know you’d climb so high
falling into history, but you’d have to die
mother Goose so great and wise
did you know you’d change our lives
with a book of stories old, filled up with simple rhymes

so find your boat and row it gently down the stream
and know in your heart you can be all that you dream

(Repeat Chorus)
Life is a tapestry…

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