The First Time

by Jill Shannon

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


The First Time by Jill Shannon

How can I tell them of the first time? I thought that I knew You and walked with You

Everything remained the same until the first time, I was a sleeper, Your hibernating bride
You came to me that night, it was a night like any other
Suddenly I was kneeling between two angels, and was praying
And I cried out in desperation, Lord come to me!
And in an instant Your cloud of glory, it covered me

And I felt Your reality for the first time, the strength of Your glory shined down on me
My flesh melted away and I grew afraid of You
No one prepared me for my first time with You
Then You showed Your church to me and I heard You ask the question
When they ask Me to come to them, do they know what they are asking?
What I am doing to you right now, would they want Me?
And if I overshadowed them, would they still be standing?

I felt the sadness in Your heart for the first time
The power You poured on me was hard to bear
And You told me, My people don’t want the real Me
And I felt Your rejection from Your hibernating bride
Do you want His power and His glory, do you really?
Are you willing to be out of control, are you really?
In the glory not one of us would still be standing
In His fire, our hearts will be laid open

I sent You away when You came the first time
The weight of Your glory was too much to bear
But I made You a promise that the next time
I would endure it, even if I die

How well I remember the first time

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