The Flood

by David Coile

Genre: Rock


The sky is black
The sun has cut and run
The air is wet
The water’s gonna come

You better learn to swim or else you’re going to drown
And don’t go crying for your daddy, he won’t be around

You’re all alone
You don’t know where to go
You struggle on
But everybody knows

You never should have waited late to claim high ground
And all your mama’s best wishes, they won’t help you now

Now wrap your head around the darkened clouds
To hold them, or else they’re burst
For once before did Noah cry out, “Repent!
“Or face the worst”

Denial flows beyond these walls
No fertile crescent this
But pay no mind, for soon you’ll find
A sweet and moistened kiss

The tears of God
The crying of the Lord
Make rivers rise
To wash the valley floor

And if you never move you’ll find an early grave
But don’t you worry, all your children gonna ride the wave

You better learn to swim
The sky is black

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