The Fools We Are Right Now

by Erin Branzell

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


Annie tells us it’s hard to move time
Annie lets us wonder why
When you can’t fit the pieces all together
The puzzle makes a picture anyway

Annie tells us it’s hard to move time
Annie can’t you help us figure out why
When you can’t move the clock hands backwards
The past still sticks with you everyday


Annie, Annie, tell me what’s the fastest way to get home
‘Cause I’m in love, but my heart still feels like stone
Annie, Annie, tell me when you look at the stars do you feel better?
Or do you just feel more alone?

Annie tells us this house is the wrong shape
But Annie tells us that change doesn’t wait
For you to open your arms, and scream “I’m ready”
But the opening, it has to happen anyway



I won’t expect anymore from you
Than I know you can give
Together we will nestle in
The cracks of broken promises x2


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