The Good, Good Life

by Bob Filoramo

Genre: Folk


Looking back at what we’ve done and just how far we’ve come, you gotta amazed at where we are today. We’re full of hope and standing strong you know our lives are moving on. And only the good, good life awaits.

Refrain: Cause it’s the good, good life that we’ve found, with such great friends we’re gonna be alright. Living our faith and standing strong in the power of the Lord. We’ve found the good, good life.

You know with every passing day, we’re more convinced and we gotta say there’s nothin’ like the strength when we make each other strong. We point each other to the light, to a future clear and bright. The good, good life just goes on and on. Refrain

With a smile upon our face, we look ahead to every day, taking every step in the presence of the Lord, with our family and friends and a joy that never ends.
The good, good life just goes on and on. Refrain

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