The Good Times

by Michael Heaton

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


Got a wine stain on your dress the night you smoked those cigarettes and threw up on the steps outside the prom
Well you were trying out your wings but couldn’t figure out the things so you spread ’em out and slept out on my lawn

Supposed to be the best day of your life
But someone cleared the table up before you got your pie-I
I wanna know Where’d the good times go?

My parents knew just what i’d need so college was the way for me I thought that’s how I’d be what I could be
Well five long years was short and sweet and living like I’m on the street and now your pizza comes with my degree

Something that they taught me wasn’t right
Just a set of rules to keep you down inside-I
I wanna know where’d the good times go?

Heath quit school to join a band he said they just don’t understand a ticket to the top yeah that’s the plan
But somewhere he misplaced his soul and lost his faith in rock’n’roll he only talks about it now and then

He says everything they tell you is a lie
Just an advertisement so they can catch your eye-I
I wanna know where’d the good times go
Yeah everything they tell you is a lie
Just and advertisement to catch your little eye-I
I wanna know where the good times go?
Where’d the good times go?

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