The Hand I Hold

by Billy Gewin

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


I am hardened by my luck
And the great disaster I behold
But as sure as I am standing
I will play the hand I hold

There is work to be done amidst
Broken levies, dreams and power lines
Though I cry for flooded houses and floating bodies
They are flames from which I rise

– Chorus –

Went out drinking one night to the casinos
When I left I had nothing I brought in
Swore revenge and I cursed the lights and tables
Now I’d sell my soul to see them standing again

Moses stumbled down the mountain
Joseph found some extra room
Somehow Job kept up his faith and I know
If it’s what I must do
Somehow I can, too

Well this truck will be late, but it’s coming
We packed it up with things we thought you’d need
It isn’t much, just a drop in the bucket
Not an eye was dry as it rolled out onto the street

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