The King

by Benjamin Dakota Rogers

Genre: Folk


I was a King,
And my land was forever in spring
But they took it by force
And they showed no remorse
And left me out in the rain
You were my Queen
Of all that it is to be seen
Because I was a King
And I gave you a ring
To stand by me and dream
But it’s cold
And I’ve lost my throne
And a King isn’t a king without a throne.

My tears feed the sea
It’s the only place that I am still free
Because they took all my land
But on sea they can’t stand
Because I’m friends with the beast of the deep
And I can’t go to war
Because men need a king to adore
But they plucked off my crown
And it fell to the ground
So I am the king no more.
It’s cold
And I’ve lost my throne
And a king isn’t a king without his throne
I am not a king without my home

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