The Loving Arms of You (FIFO)

by Wesley Snowball

Genre: Americana/Country


Looking out on a sunset sky, heat dust rising kind of fools my eye.
Money made in a mining town, Turns my thoughts to you.
All alone I do what I know, Haulpak crawling, hauling heavy load.
Just like anyone that sits next to me, there’s some place I’d rather be.

Washing cars on cool green lawn; driving round the town I’s born.
Family time and Bar-B-Q’s.
The Loving arms of you.

Yeah I fly in and I fly out, money’s good, sure there is not doubt
I know we’re looking at a life long plan,
You know where I wanna be when I can


Told you bout that friend of mine, he thinks working here’s like doing time.
Blows all his hard earned on the women, wine.
Never know some place, he’d rather be (like)


The time has come, how, quick it goes.
Boarding time, long line of fluro clothes.
Five things to do, running round my brain.
Keeps me going till I’m home again.


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