The Olive

by Phil Holland

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


Echoes of past lives
Inhabit this place.
The olive standing so strong and silent
Can see into your heart.
So make a wish or a prayer
And hope that it comes true.
For the magic is here, all around,
Waiting to speak to you.

Close your eyes and listen
To the wind that blows.
It whispers softly if you want to hear
And helps you understand.
That you are a part of the rocks
And the island and the sea.
I went there once and
I heard it call to me.

But it’s there I want to go back
One day with you.
So we can stand together at last
In this enchanted place.
Watching the rainbow of green
That stretches to the sea.
It’s here I know full well
I would like to be.

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