The Painful Truth

by Stephen Michael Gibb

Genre: Rock


I walk alone, the sunset showing on my back, dreams never come true till you turn white to black, friends are not friends in the fields of deception, you let things be only when your taught a lesson
Chorus- We all fight with our fears and desires, and the painful truth that can never be learned, we search for love and seek understanding, we look for truth but we all just get burned
When you sit in the darkness and cry in your heart, do you think the world gives a damn you have to fight hard, your like a number a didget called upon at will, some people spend their lifetimes chasing down all the thrills

Life is like a story a mystery till the last page, every part of all our lives is centered around age, the younger you are the more pressure they put upon you, and the older you get the more they try to abuse you

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