The Road To Nowhere

by Alan Grattan

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


Verse 1
The rain is falling down
Down on the streets of this lonely town
Faceless people mulling about
No one sees while they’re out
On the streets of this lonely town
Where are they going and where have they been
Chasing their hopes, chasing their dreams?
Travellin’ this highway, this endless highway
The road to nowhere, the road to nowhere
Verse 2
He met her servin’ morning brew
To truckers and others just passin’ through
Their casual glances and morning stares
Grew into a love they thought would be their’s
Fate intervened and took what they knew
Repeat Chorus
Verse 3
Life has not been the same
Since she left on the train
Her jet black hair and beautiful smile
Gone for now, gone for a while
He could have followed but chose to remain
Repeat Chorus
Verse 4
Many a year has since come and gone
Not by themselves but both are alone
Telling others that it wasn’t bad
Each remembered what they once had
A rough road travelled by both
Repeat Chorus
Repeat Verse 1

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