The Selkie

by Phil Holland

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


She sat on her rock
And stared out to sea.
Salt wind in her hair
As she listened to me.

I sang to her soul,
So mournful and long.
I’m sure that she heard me
And wanted to come.

The sheen of her dark hair
Gleamed in the sun’s light.
I willed her, “come to me”.
I thought that she might.

Have they stolen her coat?
Can she choose where to stay?
And why do her tears
Fall into the bay?

One day as I watched,
I saw them embrace.
He climbed into the boat,
And she covered her face.

The sky was so dark,
And the waves danced so high.
She looked into the distance
And then waved goodbye.

He did not come back,
And the candle burnt low.
Others were mourning,
For now they all know.

The next day she came
And stood on the sand.
The sun shone through her fingers
As she held up her hand.

She saw me and smiled
And I started my song.
She would now come to me.
It would not be long.

She loosened her hair
And shook off her clothes,
And I swam towards her
As she dived under the waves.

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