The Spirit Remains

by Brian Peck and Madeline Fendrick

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


The newspaper says it, but I feel it myself
It?s the warmest December, I?ve ever felt
I hear some folks say, it?s so beautiful out
But I miss the sledding, the snow fights with friends
The silence in the field, with the frosted white pines

Tonight we sing in the rain
But it?s still Christmas eve you can?t wash that away
There?s a tree in the window a wreath on the door
More cookies than you could ever ask for
The families together, bells jingle away
The weather may change
But the spirit remains
The weather may change
But the spirit remains

While sister, a baby, was asleep in her crib
My brother and I would camp by the fire
We?d plan to stay up til santa arrived
But the glow of the embers, the lights on the tree
And the big flakes a falling would sway us to sleep

We?d wake to find gifts under the tree
And frost on the windows from the cool chilly breeze
The magic remained with just cookie crumbs left
And a carpet of snow for us to run out
To make angels and a snowman with a carrot for a snout

The nations just met to see what they can do
To help mother earth with her pollution blues
Will it make a difference we could wait and see
But we could make changes ourselves to you know
We could break bad habits with or without snow

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