The Sun


Genre: Folk


The Sun

It was a swift thought
Unsuccessfully quenched, and oh, when he spoke
I could not believe a thing
It was too right
And when night fell
It swept us inside out, and oh, when I called, he came
And I, I could not breathe
It was too right

And he said, ‘Don’t hate me, I could not bear it, see, you are my light’
And he begged on his knees, then he tucked me in, he bid me

But how could I sleep, when you were enfolding me
With that look in your eyes?
How could I dream, when you were right there next to me
It was larger than light

Morning fell, I stepped outside
I closed my eyes for fear of what I just could not hide
In the light
But I saw him peeking, oh I caught his eyes
I was a moth, trapped in his flame
And he burned so bright
It was too right
Dazzled and dizzy, we danced until the dawn
And I burned for him, no longer a flame
He was the Sun

But I was for the night
And he burned too bright
And it was too right.

And he said not a thing; he just stared as if I were his light
And we wept for the free; for this can never be ever made right

How can I see when the sun is leaving me?
Day will not follow night
How can I breathe when the sky is so empty?
It was larger than light


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